DISCOGRAFIA CONSIGLIATA           DRY   RID OF ME  TO BRING YOU MY LOVE  IS THIS DESIRE?   (1992 )  ( 1993 )  ( 1995 )  ( 1998 )

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Oh My LoverO StellaDressVictoryHappy And BleedingSheela-Na-GigHairJoePlants & RagsFountainWater Rid Of MeMissedLegsRub ‘Til It BleedsHookMan-size SextetHighway 61 Revisited50Ft QueenieYuri-GMan-sizeDryMe-JaneSnakeEcstasy To Bring You My LoveMeet Ze MonstaWorking For The ManC’mon BillyTecloLong Snake MoanDown By The WaterI Think I’m A MotherSend His Love To MeThe Dancer AngeleneThe Sky Lit UpThe WindMy Beautiful LeahA Perfect Day EliseCatherineElectric LightThe GardenJoyThe RiverNo Girl So SweetIs This Desire?